Shelter can’t do math.

Shelter have issued a press release claiming more than two million people are paying their rent or mortgage on their credit cards. Oops – they’re out by at least a quarter.

More than two million people have used credit cards to pay their mortgage or rent, an increase of almost 50 percent in a year, new research from Shelter reveals today.”

[my bold]

They surveyed 2234 people. Of whom 6% (134) had paid their rent or mortgage in the last year with a credit card.

Leaving aside the questionable validity of assuming the response from 134 people can be extrapolated to the entire UK population Shelter attempt to do just that, claiming this means over two million people in the UK are paying for their housing on the never-never.

There are about 26,000,000 households in the UK. 6% of 26 million is 1.56 million. Shelter have based their calculation on the total adult population (47 million) but you can only evict a household once.

They’re also crap at providing housing-related support services, but that’s another story. Good at advice work, though.


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