“Inform on your neighbours” urges Housing Association

I’m never keen on Big Brother style schemes offering incentives to people to inform on their neighbours. Why pay for something so many people are willing to do for nothing? But I don’t get Calico’s new scheme.

Essentially they’ll pay a small cash bonus to tenants who tell them a neighbour has abandoned. I guess they’re getting a lot of housing benefit overpayments reclaimed due to abandonment.


  • An HB overpayment where the landlord isn’t aware of any change of circumstances should be recovered from the tenant.
  • If you manage your stock fairly well unknown abandonments aren’t a huge problem in my experience.
  • They’ll get a lot of reports of abandonment which they’re already aware of.

But fundamentally I think it damages the relationship between landlord and tenant. There are just better ways to do things than paying people to inform on their neighbours.


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