Pickles and Chapps get a Christmas roasting

A senior Lib Dem has got himself in the media today lambasting Pickles and Chapps.

Apparently in the Tory party Iain Duncan Smith is regarded as a deep and serious thinker. You know, the bloke whose idea about benefits is to tear the entire system up and start again. Who wants to move millions of people to the south east.

Meanwhile Shapps has always had a bit of a rep for swimming in the shallow end of the pool. I dunno so much about Pickles. But look at the pair’s policies: a localism bill that will soon join the Citizen’s Charter and the Stakeholder Society and a meaningless flexible tenancy.

It’s all just so much puff and smoke to distract from the real issue, 5 – 10% cuts all round.

Predictably Pickles has been caught spinning the extent of the cuts. Here’s how to spin an 8.3% cut down to 3.6%.


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