HCA wants to fund supported and sheltered housing

The Homes and Community Agency (HCA) Vulnerable and Older People’s Group has published its annual report.

Guess what – they call for more capital investment in housing for vulnerable and older people. Who’d have predicted that?

It’s worth noting in both the Key Recommendations (page 7) and Key Challenges (page 8 ) they completely ignore the problem of matching capital and revenue funding for supported developments.

It’s all very well, say, making a cool £1 million available to build housing for young people in a particular region but if the local council hasn’t got the funding available to pay for the support year-on-year nothing is going to get built.

And just right you’ve got more chance of getting a blow job off the Pope than more support funding out of your local council.

One suspects the soon to be announced new, streamlined HCA may not feature a Vulnerable and Older People’s Group.

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