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  1. Reading your About page reveals your having spent the kind of career I now wish I had done since my conversion from IT to housing. Peter Malpass is a hero of mine since I found an article of his about Letchworth in a BD supplement about five years ago. I don’t have it to hand but his heart is clearly in the right place.

  2. inks2010 says:

    It’s been an interesting life but not necessarily one I’d recommend as a career path.

    I always liked Peter M, one of the good guys. I’ve been cooking up a post about residualisation (one of his concepts) but haven’t quite got it nailed yet.

  3. 1) Please delete the above post as requested and

    2) Since you clearly like UK Regeneration you’ll probably like which is written by Julian Dobson who is a friend of the guy who writes UKR

  4. inks2010 says:

    In the link I’ve labelled UK Regeneration “Big Society gushers”, it’s not intended to be complimentary.

    I’m deeply sceptical of the whole Big Society thing, I’m surprised Cameron’s still going on about it. And don’t get me started on Phillip Blonde, if spouting incomprehensible nonsense for political coin was an Olympic sport he’d be competing for Britain. As it’s not I can’t see what the point of him is.

    I’ll have a look at the livingwithrats blog – it’s got a promising title.

  5. The guy writing UKR is trying to save two housing estates in West London from rampant development and the Big Society suits his agenda which is getting community control of the estates so that they can continue to house people as council tenants instead of being displaced by private flats for sale. Read more at there is hope of a documentary on estate regeneration but funding . . . ?

  6. I heard Phillip Blond speak at a political meeting last year, it was in a side room, a Demos thinktank he was going on and on about re-capitalising the poor, it stuck me as “give them all £50 each and tell them to f*ck off”. He is labelled by the media as a Red Tory but is just as right wing as Cameron’s lot he just puts the same old right wing lies over in a different way.

  7. I’m not offended by “quirky take on social housing developments” either, I’m basically horrified by the crap that’s being built both private and “affordable” in the name of housing. It’s rubbish. Too many toilets and bathrooms, no kitchens, few windows, using attic space with velux not dormers, often single aspect, cramped, inconsiderate for the tenants.

    Inevitably in order to broaden the scope of the blog it strays into other areas but always with an eye on quality.

  8. inks2010 says:

    “The guy writing UKR is trying to save two housing estates in West London from rampant development and the Big Society suits his agenda which is getting community control of the estates… “

    Yeah, I read the story. Good luck to him. As I posted on either his or your blog it’s not the first time a community has tried to transfer their homes out of council control. It’s not a matter of the big society, the legislation dates from – er – 1885? His problem will be arranging the funding and if there’s one key thing Cameron’s made clear about the Big Society it’s there’s no money in it.

    Hey, if you’re trying to get things done there’s nothing wrong with a bit of saying what the powers that be want to hear but I think the UK regeneration guy is a bit of a true believer in all this Big Society stuff.

  9. It’s the same guy who did WECH so he knows what he’s doing but I agree that the money may not be available.

  10. inks2010 says:

    “It’s the same guy who did WECH…”

    Oh, wow, in that case I’ve clearly underestimated him! What WECH achieved was amazing.

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